Dayton Students Try To Get One Final Rager In After Corona Announcement, Cops Show Up, Content Is Created

University of Dayton

As someone who was born & raised in Dayton and watched the local news in the 1980s and 1990s as University of Dayton students routinely set things on fire and battled with police, I think it’s my duty to help the national media understand what went down last night in the now-University owned Ghetto, a neighborhood of houses within the school’s campus footprint that used to be privately owned back in the day, but then the school started buying up properties.

That brings us to last night and what’s being reported as the university telling students the housing would close Wednesday (today) because of corona. The houses were scheduled to close Friday with spring break starting after the end of classes. Add it all up and students were having one final rager as spring break was getting started a little early at UD. This is the time of year when Ghetto front yards are loaded with students/local high school kids looking to party. The weather starts getting good and the Flyers are a possible No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Trust me, these guys aren’t “rioting” because they’re being kicked out of housing a couple of sleeps early. These students are definitely not college poors. This isn’t a state university. UD students are definitely not sweating a night in a hotel or two. I know there’s an element of the national media who want this to be poors revolting against the school’s corona stance. Fake news. It’s the final party before spring break, numbnuts. Do you have any idea why the school schedules spring break around St. Patrick’s Day? GOOGLE IT.

Still don’t believe me?

ABC News sniffing / via Instagram


They’re not rioting and they’re not mad at corona closing down student housing / via The Daily Caller Nope, the students were actually just partying for the final time this semester / via WBRZ

Do they even read their headlines? Would college students really be angry if school was closed a couple days early before spring break? Are the people at this station morons? Yes.

This is beyond funny / via

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