Joe Burrow Keeping His Mind Sharp While In California With Girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher

Joe Burrow passes the time playing video games during Corona ’19 / via Instagram

It’s vacation time for Joe Burrow and girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher in Orange County, California and the Bengals future quarterback appears to be keeping his brain sharp with some video game action. That’s how I want my quarterback to live his life. Working together as a team. The pool doesn’t matter. The view — see it once, you’ve seen it a million times. That quarterback is trying to walk in and save the Bengals franchise by winning one playoff game. Meanwhile, Andy Dalton is off being a dad — nothing wrong with that, but his time has passed — and now it’s time for Burrow to get 10 years to win a wild card game.

Also below you’ll see that Burrow had been training at the Mamba Sports Academy, according to photographer Joesph Baura. Josh Allen and Sam Darnold were also there working out. Won’t be long and he’ll be coming right back to corona-ville, Ohio.

Joe Burrow R&R / via Instagram

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