Rachel Bush Tests New iPhone At The Pool In Mexico

Rachel Bush has made it to Mexico and doesn’t seem to be having any health issues thanks to her flight preparedness. It’s that time of year when football players take their wives, girlfriends & slam pieces on vacation. Turns out married couple Jordan Poyer and Rachel Bush picked Mexico this year and they have a new iPhone to collect memories of Spring Break 2020 that include the piece of art you see below.

This is what a booty shot looks like in portrait mode on the new iPhone in case anyone was wondering,” Rachel wrote on one of the most cold blooded thirst traps in the history of thirst traps. And if you think athletes and celebs out there care if her husband is right next to her or took the photo, you’d be wrong. Those DMs must be insane after an iPhone test like this. Dongs for days in those DMs. No idea how she even opens them. 

Of course athletes and celebs are sneaking into the DMs. It’s 2020, nothing is off limits out there in the social world. This is like a 30-plus-point buck IG for guys who hunt. It’s so off the charts that humans have no choice but to stop in their tracks. I knew when Rachel went out to Colorado for a snowy content dump that she had to follow up with a blowout tropical vacation. Well here we go as corona captivates the world. Nobody does tropical content like Rachel.

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