Instagram Model Tahlia Skaines Tested For Corona Before Getting Into Bali Pool Club

How are the Instagram models around the world handling the coronavirus issue that has caused so many to freak out and buy up all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer? In the case of Aussie Tahlia Skaines, she’s still destroying Bali just creating content at an incredible pace. It’s just that there are some precautions at the public places where she’s creating the content. Take her recent entry into a pool club in Canggu where the doorman was wearing gloves and using a handheld device to check temperatures before allowing people entry to the club.

I know American IG models aren’t thinking about this right now, but this is more than likely coming to the U.S. One minute you’re showing up to a Miami nightclub at 3 a.m. to party until 8 a.m. and the next minute your head is being scanned by a thermal screening machine to see if you have a fever and possibly the corona.

From the Daily Star:

Tahlia Skaines revealed she was tested for the infection with a thermal screening machine before she could enter the Cafe del Mar pool club in Canggu.

On Instagram, she wrote: “Corona checks in most venues in Bali! Well done for taking precautions.”

And since she got into the club we know that Tahlia doesn’t show symptoms of the corona. What a relief that is. She can go about her biz creating content and lounging around at a pool. What a life!

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