Nicole Williams On Miami Beach, Michael Strahan Fights Back Against Ex-Wife & Hinkle Tree Downed

Today you’ll get ACC tournament action on ESPN starting at noon. Buckle up, I hear there will be fans at these gyms. From there it’s just a huge basketball bonanza. If there’s one thing that can kill off coronavirus, it’s March Madness taking over the airwaves. You get people talking about something other than corona and POOF it’ll be gone. People will move on to the Masters from there and then it’s spring planting season and people are outdoors destroying life. We’re good, people.

Nicole Williams destroying Miami Beach

Michael Strahan fights back against possibly crazy ex-wife; now we have a custody battle

Naomi Campbell looking like a fool at the airport

Hinkle Tree has been downed at Inverness

Larry Walker gets emergency goalie job

People are being warned to stay away from the jacked, sweaty guys at the gym

MSNBC host has had enough of this guy with his phone in her face

Tahlia Skaines isn’t afraid of corona & tests negative

KD Should Return If He’s Going To Be Dunking Like This Video of the Week

Fried Chicken Sandwich of the Day

Sara Malakul Gets Conference Tourney Tuesday Rolling, Tampa Strip Club Fights Corona & Steelers-Cowboys HOF Game
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