Patrick Mahomes Includes His Dopey Brother On Cabo Yacht Trip

Patrick Mahomes seemed to have a good time on his Cabo yacht trip / via IG

Is it possible that Patrick Mahomes includes his brother on trips like the Cabo trip over the weekend with friends so that his girlfriend Brittany Matthews has someone to gossip with and leave him alone so Patrick can darty with his friends? I mean, it wouldn’t be the worst strategy in the world. I’ve been wondering how the dopey brother is included in everything. At some point you have to cut the brother loose and tell him he has to go get a full time TikTok job or maybe some ridiculous social media manager job for the Chiefs because he’s family.

And then you have to leave him at home when vacations come up. Or….this is all a Patrick Mahomes masterplan to avoid having to spend all day around Brittany. As for the trip itself, it looks like Pat got some time to recharge the batteries, but let’s be honest here, this guy clearly needs one of those trips with the boys (no brother allowed) where they go on a golf trip for like six days and don’t have to hear women complaining about every little detail from social media. Just guys being guys. I can see it on Patrick’s face.

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