Aroldis Chapman Autographs Astros Trash Can For A Fan

A fan got Aroldis Chapman to autograph a trash can cutout / via Twitter

What are you thinking if you’re not following @AsteriskTour, the account dedicated to everything shaming the Astros? It’s the best content MLB has produced in like 15-20 years, probably since Bonds was injected with more shitt than a Kardashian ass. The latest humorist stunt pulled off by an Astros shamer is some guy getting an Astros ‘Trashtros’ trash can cutout signed by none other than Aroldis Chapman.

If you have any sort of sports fan pulse you’ll remember Chapman’s history against the Astros in the World Series and sign stealing. Back in February, Aroldis was asked about the sign stealing.

“Is that the sole reason they won the World Series? I don’t know,” Chapman told reporters, including ESPN’s Buster Olney. “But what I can say that when you have an advantage like that, it’s definitely going to make you a stronger team.”

Now he’s signing cutout trash cans. Welcome to Major League Baseball in 2020. It’s just beginning.

This also happened this week. SOUND UP.

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