PGA Tour Champions Qualifier Evacuated Due To Fire Next To Course

PGA Tour Champions qualifier canceled after fire breaks out near the course / via Twitter

The PGA Tour Champions qualifier at Goose Creek Golf Club in Mira Loma, Calif. was evacuated today as a fire neared the course and caused the mandatory evacuation of the grounds, according to golfer Shaun Micheel who was on the course and posted video of the scene that included a helicopter hovering over a course pond to get water to fight the fire. Paul Stankowski posted a video on Instagram showing a helicopter dropping water on the blaze, adding, “Been through plenty of rain delays over the years but NEVER a fire delay. That Chopper pilot has skills!!”

The retirees are in town to qualify to play in the Hoag Classic which will be played in Newport Beach. One professional who won’t make it to Thursday is Brian Cooper. “Two things that have never happened to me on the golf course; tournament proper or qualifier; I have never WD due to injury. Today I did that after 8 holes and never had a fire break out right across the street where the fire helicopter had to get water from the course pond. Home to heal, quickly I hope,” he wrote on Instagram.

Goose Creek Golf Club is east of Los Angeles
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