Retired QB Johnny Manziel Has Been Playing Quite A Bit Of Golf Lately

Johnny Manziel has been working on his golf game / via Instagram

I’m not sure it’s to the level of OJ Simpson, but it appears that Johnny Manziel might’ve found his post-retirement game of choice¬† – golf. The divorced & retired NFL quarterback — he told the XFL to suck it — has been hitting the links with retired MLB launch angle expert Geoff Jenkins (221 career MLB jacks) in Arizona where Johnny appears to be at home doing what retirees do to pass time.

This golf thing probably isn’t the worst idea ever for the 27 year old who has oil money to live on and no real concern with getting a job since he can sign autographs for people in Texas if by some chance he’d ever get tight on cash. Let’s say Johnny works on his game enough to get on that tour that athlete/celebrity tour that Mark Mulder wins all the time. That would keep Johnny busy for several weeks per year and he’d be in huge demand at that Tahoe tournament where Charles Barkley MCs and buys everyone drinks. Johnny has to be looking at a run over the next five years where he becomes a staple at these golf events and gets paid to show up to other courses around the country as an influencer.

I could get used to this,” Manziel wrote on Instagram about golfing at Silverlake Country Club in Scottsdale. Life comes at you fast. One day the Browns are kicking you to the curb, the next day you’re in the CFL, then the AAF and then retired and golfing with the guys. It’s starting to look like Johnny has it all figured out.¬†

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