Dajana Gudic & Alana Campos Do Some Park City, Utah Influencing













If you’re a city out there that is struggling to gain attention on the national scene I have a very good idea for your tourism board — hire Instagram influencers and models Dajana Gudic & Alana Campos. One thing leads to another and these two put together a social media campaign and millennials think they’re going to run into these two in your city. I’m looking at you Toledo, Ohio. I’m looking at you Fort Wayne, Indiana. I’m looking at Wheeling, West Virginia. And Wilkes-Barre, PA.

You ask these two what it will take to get them to visit and pump out content like they did over the weekend in Park City, Utah. Now I’m not sure if Dajana and Alana were hired by Park City to come to town, but I wouldn’t put it past any city at this point. If you’re holding tourism board cash, you hire these two. Minor league baseball games — throw out the first pitch, sit behind home plate. Boating on your lakes, on your rivers. Hot AF photos in your forests, on your rooftops. Then these two unleash a content bonanza and you sit back and act like you know nothing. You didn’t hire them, you didn’t give them a penny to visit your city. They were in town visiting distant cousins and decided to bring a photographer along for the ride.

Even if you’re a loser city in a loser part of the country you’re going to get a nice bump out of this guaranteed. It’s not like Instagram is a breeding ground for intellectuals. You’re just trying to sell these morons into visiting for a weekend, maybe knocking up some local and then having to spend the rest of their lives in town supporting the baby mama.




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