Eagles Superfan Sammy Draper Catches Spring Training Game…MLB Should Give Her Lifetime Tickets


















Major League Baseball should have an influencer ticket that they give to IG ladies like Sammy Draper and she can go to any game she’d like across the entire sport. I’m talking single-A games to MLB games anywhere at any time. I’m talking great seats where the camera can find her and a friend she takes to the game. I’m talking a Willy Wonka MLB lifetime ticket. Will Sammy still be a big influencer 10 years from now? Probably not, but you have to entice these influencers with a lifetime Willy Wonka ticket and then watch them go nuts for 10 years just influencing their asses off.

One weekend Sammy’s at a game in San Diego enjoying herself, the next week she’s in seats next to Marlins Man in Kansas City. You just never know where she’ll be with that lifetime ticket. And the whole time she’s dumping out content like the content she created today at a spring training game in the Cactus League. Doesn’t matter which teams were on the field. It matters that Sammy Draper was there. But we all know MLB is too dumb to figure out how to make these games interesting to guys who aren’t 70 & ready to die.

Think about the positive, viral stories out of MLB over the last year or so. The flasher during the playoffs and Marlins Man bringing a gang of ladies to a game. Those are two nights I remember. Other than that it’s banging on trash cans, analytics nerds, shifts, launch angles, juiced balls.

Pretty sure I know how to Make Baseball Great Again but the nerds and old dudes in charge of the sport are idiots and they’d rather watch it die a slow death. Oh well.

Sammy Draper and her friend catch a Spring Training game / via IG Story Sammy Draper at a Spring Training game in Arizona / via IG Story
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