Alabama Police Think They’ve Cracked The Case Of The Bama Costco Shoplifter

Alabama fan is wanted for shoplifting at a Costco / via Hoover, Alabama police

There’s good news in the case of the dirtbag Bama fan accused of stealing a Dell computer from a Costco back in January. Hoover, Alabama police think they’ve received a tip that has identified the dirtbag. I’m telling you guys right now, an attack like this on a Costco is an attack on all of us who have such an enjoyable time cruising the aisles, sampling the food, saying hello to one another. And then along comes dirtbag Bama fan trying to ruin all the happiness.

I don’t want the retired lady at the door freaked out thinking every customer is trying to steal. I want her to draw happy balloons on the back of the receipt for Little BC and BC3. Shame on you for freaking out the retirees working the doors across this country.

From the Hoover, Alabama police department:

This individual is wanted for questioning in a felony shoplifting case which occurred on 01/11/2020 at Costco. The suspect selected a Dell desktop computer (value over $1,000) then concealed it underneath other items in the shopping cart. He then passed all points of sale and exited the store without attempting to pay. When asked to stop by Costco employees, the W/M ran through the parking lot and got into an unknown gray make/model sedan (unknown tag). The male then fled the scene. The male is described as possibly 30-35 years of age, clean-shaven, wearing a white ball cap, khaki pants and an Alabama jacket.

Then this morning the PD said they already have a possible suspect:

Breaking: a possible suspect has been identified, thank you for the tips! As this case progresses, we will make the necessary updates.

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