Former Missouri Substitute Teacher Avoids Jail Time In Student Sexual Relationship Case

Loryn Barclay substitute teacher sexual relationship Monett High School

Former Missouri substitute teacher Loryn Barclay won’t be going to jail unless she screws up probation for an alleged sexual relationship with a student back in 2016-17 after reaching a plea agreement. A then 17-year-old student testified he “initiated contact and they began communicating by social media and through text messages.” Things eventually turned physical and the student testified that they “had sex twice and oral sex once.” But Loryn won’t go to jail over this after her plea agreement.


Loryn Barclay pled guilty to the reduced charge of harassment against a person younger than 17 years old. She was sentenced to three years in prison, but that sentence was suspended in lieu of five years of supervised probation.

A 17-year-old Monett student said he had a sexual relationship with then 25-year-old Barclay between November 2016 and January 2017, Monett police say.

Of course Loryn won’t be doing any substitute teaching again, but let’s be honest here, is it really worth it to the tax payers if Loryn is sitting in jail? It’s not. Hang those five years of probation on her head and everyone move on here. A screwup and she’s in the pen. That should keep her productive in life. That said, a look at her Instagram page seems to show she’s found new direction.

It looks like Loryn has moved on in life and is off to making herself a better person:

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