Carolina Hurricanes Emergency Goalie David Ayres, 42, Forced Into Action (Update – He Won!)

Carolina Hurricanes emergency goalie David Ayres called into action / via Twitter

David Ayres made his NHL debut tonight for the Carolina Hurricanes. You know I wouldn’t be covering the NHL unless there was a unique angle to this one. Turns out David Ayres is 42, a Zamboni driver and doesn’t have a HockeyDB account because, well, he’s never played in a professional hockey game as far as anyone can tell.

Ayres was forced into action tonight after goalies Petr Mrazek and James Reimer went down with injuries. Carolina’s in Toronto so who do they call? The local guy who practices with the Toronto Marlies of the AHL. The guy drives a Zamboni at a local rink and it sounds like Carolina was in a bind. Enter Ayres. He’ll make $500 tonight, great money for an emergency goaltender who normally just has to sit there and do nothing.

This night for Ayres deserves a 30 for 30. Did I mention he needed a kidney transplant back in 2004?

Update: David Ayres wins in his first NHL game:

Here’s Ayres first NHL save!

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BYU Pole Vaulter Impales His Scrotum
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