Mark Schlereth Pretty Much Manslaughters Radio Guy Scott DeHuff

Mark Schlereth showing off his wrestling moves / via Twitter

“Hello, this is Busted Coverage, I would like to report a murder.” Holy hell I wasn’t expecting man legend Mark Schlereth to take a grown man, sports radio guy Scott DeHuff, and throw him like a rag doll during a bit where Mark showed off his signature move when he was a state champion wrestler in Alaska. It’s Friday, I’m pretty much clicking on anything video-related this afternoon and look what we have here.

Keep in mind Schlereth was listed at 6’3 287 during his playing days and he’s not missing many workouts these days. Scott was in for a ride and that’s what he got. He’s going to be feeling this one all weekend.

I’ve interviewed a bunch of people over the years for this site as brands pitch former players all the time and some are better than others. Then there’s the Mark Schlereth level. I was kinda sad this year before the Super Bowl when he wasn’t pitching TVs, tortilla chips, etc. That’s our normal time to talk to him. Mark Schlereth is one of us. One of the guys. It doesn’t get much more one of us than a video from his landscaping series years ago on YouTube where he talks about his love of mulch.

Do yourself a favor and dig into Mark’s Man 101 videos. Enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole this weekend. The guy sells stuff at Costco!

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