Greg Robinson Tried To Get Uber Driver Friend To Take The Fall For The Weed

Greg Robinson arrest report – 1 / via U.S. government

Greg Robinson wanted the Uber driver he befriended in 2018, and this week hired to drive him and a friend from Los Angeles to Louisiana, to take the fall for the 157 pounds of weed that were in a 2020 Chevy Tahoe rental Robinson had secured, apparently, to transport that weed from somewhere out west back to Louisiana. The unidentified friend told Robinson no way and showed receipts about his/her travel with Robinson to the feds who now have Greg and his buddy Jaquan Bray in custody and at Greg’s facing 20 years in federal for intent to distribute.

This arrest affidavit gives us a little more detail on how the three ended up at a border crossing on I-10 in the middle of nowhere Texas, east of El Paso where Robinson allegedly told the Uber driver friend to get out of the drivers seat so Bray could drive. The Uber driver was ordered by Robinson to check for border checkpoints. It’s not clear from the report as to what Robinson did with that information, but he sure didn’t decide to go north out of El Paso on I-25 to I-40 in Albuquerque and then roll east where he could’ve dropped south on I-35 out of Oklahoma City.

Instead, Greg and the Tahoe headed right into the Sierra Blanca border checkpoint:

Greg Robinson arrest report – 2 – new / via U.S. government

Now I’m not a weed transportation expert, but I have been across borders in a car before and it’s not a secret the border agents use drug-sniffing dogs 24/7. I’m not sure if Greg thought the dog wouldn’t be able to smell 157 pounds of weed or if they would just be waved through without Snoopy taking a sniff.

This is where I have to wonder about Greg Robinson being the No. 2 overall draft pick in the 2014 NFL Draft by the St. Louis Rams. This guy didn’t just become a huge moron. I hear NFL teams do extensive background research on guys. Greg didn’t miraculously become a drug mule after the 2019 NFL season. You mean to tell me the Rams FBI investigators didn’t know this guy was a risk just 4-5 years ago? Robinson got a 22 on the 2014 NFL Combine Wonderlic test. Tim Tebow got a 22.

Not going to lie, I could read a 20-page Athletic story on this trip and how it came to be. Why Greg didn’t choose a safer route. Why Greg didn’t drive. I recently watched a documentary that reminds me of this story. It’s the true story of a limo driver who drove RVs loaded with drugs across the country for the Black Mafia Family. Now I need one on Greg…when he gets out of federal prison.

Sierra Blanca border checkpoint
NSFWBDs React To Greg Robinson’s Drug Mule Arrest
NSFWBDs React To Greg Robinson’s Drug Mule Arrest
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