NSFWBDs React To Greg Robinson’s Drug Mule Arrest

Greg Robinson arrest report / via the U.S. government

Browns offensive lineman Greg Robinson (who won’t be resigned by the Browns) faces 20-years in prison for intent to distribute 157-pounds of marijuana that border agents caught him with at an I-10 border crossing checkpoint east of El Paso that Greg should’ve seen on a phone map if he had his head in the game. But we know Greg isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed or he would’ve gone up to I-40 and headed across that way with his big load of weed.

Yes, I-40 would’ve added several hours of travel on his itinerary, but now the government has a massive charge hanging over his head and you have to believe the feds are going to drop the hammer on Greg over this one. 20 pounds and the feds might’ve not leaked word to TMZ. But you sitting there with 157-pounds is going to cause one of the agents to get on his phone and contact TMZ. That’s just basic science.

Anyway, let’s check in with the NSFWBDs and see what they think of Greg trying to mule all that weed back to Louisiana.



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