You Can Now Bet On How Many Times the Astros Will Get Hit By a Pitch This Season

If you aren’t aware of this story then I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life the past couple of months, but the Houston Astros are cheaters and let’s just say the rest of the MLB is NOT happy about it.

Yikes. I would be very afraid of stepping into a batter’s box if I was Jose Altuve or Alex Bregman. I just received a tip that this will be a part of the Astros Spring Training regiment this offseason:

So with the inevitability of the beans coming and the horrible reception the Astros will get in every ballpark in America our good friends at have put out some props to bet:

I mean Astros having most players hit by pitch at plus money?? I guess they are predicting that the MLB will punish anybody who hits them (the most hypocritical thing in the world) so they think they won’t actually be the most hit.

*Adam Sandler Uncut Gems voice* I disagree.

I’m taking the ‘Yes’ at +200.

Astros players to charge the mount o1.5 at +200 as well?? Give me another over! I’m predicting the Astros to be a full heel all season. They seem to be incredibly unapologetic and when they inevitably get hit, they’re bound to crack more than once. Give me brawls once a month for the Astros. It’s what baseball needs.

Most hit is easily Bregman. He is the favorite for a reason. He is already one of the cockiest guys in the MLB but he could “back it up.” Well now that everyone knows he was actually cheating, MLB pitchers will love to plunk Bregman’s smug face. He might need to wear Kevlar under his jersey every game. Good luck, man.

I picked a random team to check and the Mets got hit by pitches 95 times last year and you have to assume 99% of those were accidental. So if you can get hit that many times accidentally and still be o89.5, add on the intentional hits they’ll get and that goes way over. GIVE ME ANOTHER OVER! I’m optimistically hammering the over on all of these because I want all the drama in the MLB this year. Let’s play ball!

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