Brett Gardner Files Restraining Order Against Obsessed Fan, Gina Devasahayam

Gina Devasahayam is allegedly obsessed with Brett Gardner / via Twitter

Brett Gardner wants protection against an alleged obsessed fan, Gina Devasahayam, who sure likes Gardy, according to her Twitter account. Gardner has filed for a protection order against Gina and we now have dueling court battles from Gina and Brett because she sued Brett last year after being kicked out of a Yankees game.

From the NY Post:

An attorney for Gardner filed an order of protection against Gina Devasahayam last week in Bronx civil court, according to, which reported Monday that the Yankees want her banned from all MLB ballparks.

Devasahayam, 46, who says she’s the founder of an anti-aging biotechnology company, sued Gardner, the Yankees and the MLB last year after she was booted out of Yankee Stadium during a playoff game in October.

Gina stated in her lawsuit against Gardner that during games Gardy “motions with his hip on the stairs as though he is having sexual intercourse with me.” She even told, “and then there’s another thing called romantically and sexually signaling toward me. That is how our relationship has progressed because he has started sexually signaling toward me.”

Let’s go to the tweets and see if Gina is an obsessed kook who needs to stay away from Gardy. The oldest tweet I can find from Gina mentioning Gardy is April 2017…in other words she has been in this relationship a long time:




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