Johnny Manziel To XFL? Doesn’t Sound Like That’s Going To Happen

Johnny Manziel & the XFL doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen / via Instagram

If you’re waiting for Johnny Manziel to sign with an XFL team you’re probably out of luck after what Manziel had to say Friday night about the next Vince McMahon football league. “Just not playing for another league that’s going to fold on you midway through the season,” Manziel tweeted referencing how his football season ended in 2019 when the AAF folded up.

Manziel saw action in two games for the Memphis Express after being kicked out of the Canadian Football League. Johnny, 27, finished his AAF career with 61 passing yards, and an INT. Now that he’s ruling out the XFL it sounds like Johnny has run out of football leagues to play in. Guess this is the end of the road.

Johnny, as I’ve said time and time again, never has to pick up another football and he’ll be just fine in life. He’ll forever be able to return to College Station and make some autograph money. He’ll forever have that Heisman in his bio making him money with appearance fees when needed. Don’t forget the oil money the Manziel heirs sit on. Only thing this guy has to do at this point is figure out how to pass his time. He’s no longer married, no kids, nothing really going on. Doesn’t seem like a bad life.

Sounds like he’s relocating to Arizona. Not a bad idea. No need to pay those L.A. rental prices.

John appears to have hit that retirement age where it’s golf, lunch, 9 more, dinner, movie, bed:

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