Utah Man Arrested For Kidnapping Girlfriend Over Super Bowl Party Argument

Utah Man didn't want to go to Super Bowl party with his girlfriend, eventually arrested

Utah Man didn’t want to go to Super Bowl party with his girlfriend, eventually arrested / via Utah County Sheriff’s Office

What happens when a Utah Woman wants to go to a Super Bowl party, but her Utah Man boyfriend just wants to stay at home and chill during the game? Alika Kae Sierra, 22, ended up with a felony kidnapping charge and you have to assume here that the relationship IS NOT going to work itself out after this incident.

From the Gephardt Daily:

On Sunday just after 4:35 p.m, the arresting officer was dispatched to a disorderly call at Sierra’s apartment in Provo.

The officer made contact with Sierra, who was “heavily sweating and partially out of breath.” Sierra told the officer has engaged in a verbal argument with his girlfriend.

The “girlfriend wanted Alika to go to a Super Bowl party with her and he did not want to,” the statement said. “The girlfriend advised she was going to break up with Alika … and he began to hit himself,” the statement said.

It sounds like Alika really didn’t want to go to the Super Bowl party. “[T]he girlfriend told investigators Sierra grabbed her and tried to pull her back into the apartment. She said they began to wrestle and knocked a grill over.” Look, Alika way overreacted in this situation and it’s most likely because of his age. Down the road he’ll realize that the best thing that could’ve happened was his girlfriend leaving and going to some dumb Super Bowl party. He would’ve had the place to himself, she wouldn’t be asking him about Jimmy G & rambling on about the commercials.

He overreacted and now he’ll be paying the price. Of course I expect the felony kidnapping charge to be lowered and for the girlfriend to leave him, but that’s not a bad thing. I feel like Alika learned some very valuable lessons here that he’ll look back on 10-20-30 years from now and realize how he should’ve told her to leave and don’t bother coming back until after the game unless she brings home a sammich.

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