Patrick Mahomes Crushes Beer Thrown To Him During Parade

HOLLYWOOD CA – JULY 8, 2019: Nfl star Patrick Mahomes II comes to the Jimmy Kimmel studio July 8, 2019. (shutterstock)

What a day for Patrick Mahomes during the Chiefs Super Bowl parade. He was riding on the Travis Kelce bus which meant he was going to either go full throttle or no throttle. Mahomes chose full throttle and it included catching beers from the crowd, crushing those beers, pouring beers into Kelce’s mouth from the second story of the bus, etc.

Patrick Mahomes, for the first time that I know of, went full fun today in Kansas City. Finally able to let the hair down. Finally able to do some partying instead of acting like he wanted to be as far away from his girlfriend and his brother as possible. Finally his day.

Love to see it and maybe it’s the sign of things to come during the offseason. A Super Bowl MVP that has a partying side — just what the NFL needs in a time like this.

Never forget Patrick Mahomes baseball career:

Kansas City Chiefs Parade Highlighted By Police Chase
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