Kansas City Chiefs Parade Highlighted By Police Chase

Kansas City Chiefs parade police chase video / via Twitter

You’ll never forget the Kansas City Chiefs parade police chase, even 30 years from now when Twitter has long been replaced in your life with another form of social media where you get to argue with people at any time, any day of the week. You’ll always remember how a car ran through a parade barrier and led police on a chase through the streets of Kansas City while people lined the parade route to celebrate the Chiefs Super Bowl LIV win.

Kansas City cops did their jobs and people will go home safe. I know there are the absolutists out there who are furious that cops could’ve wiped out innocent bystanders, etc., etc., etc. The Debbie Downers aren’t going to win today. The KC cops got the W and now the fans can party their asses off as they please while missing another day of work. Hell, take the whole week off.

Here’s the Kansas City parade police chase:

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