Stripper Claims Edgerrin James Stripper Bowl Money Wasn’t Great

Edgerrin James stripper bowl details / via IG

The Edgerrin James Million Dollar Stripper Bowl was a bust financially, according to texts reportedly from one of the strippers working the event Monday night. The unidentified stripper claims she was required to pay $350 to work the event and eventually walked away with $1,100 after complaints from the ladies after initially being told they would receive $300 for their efforts — allegedly over 15 hours.

I’m no math major, but if the stripper is telling the truth here, she made $50/hour at the Stripper Bowl. I’m no stripper expert, but $50/hour doesn’t sound like much when you’re under such extreme work conditions. I have to think working at a club pays more than that.

Now I need you to read the contract that dancers were required to sign. NO NUDITY. What? You can’t call it a Stripper Bowl in Miami and put this contract on the table. What am I even looking at?

Of course I went over to Reddit to get a gauge on how much strippers make during typical work days. Sounds like the Stripper Bowl dancers didn’t have a very good night financially. This was FIVE YEARS AGO!

How much do strippers make per hour? / via Reddit

Did people at the Stripper Bowl really steal money that was supposed to go to the dancers? SMH.

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