Faryn Corey Is On A Content Heater














When Faryn Corey goes on a heater it sends shockwaves through Instagram and those who know just know because their DMs are being bombarded by their bros forwarding her latest shots. It’s a race to see which of your bros can open IG and see her latest content first so your bros can drop a “Already saw it,” line on your ass.

Faryn has now gone back-to-back days with content which isn’t something she normally does. As one of the biggest Big J Faryn Corey journalists out there, I can report with full confidence that back-to-back photos in the middle of the week is rare air my friends. Soak it in. It’s February, the weather is finally starting to turn to garbage and here is the GOAT unleashing and it’s not weekend action.

This is clearly going to send IG pretenders into a panic. They’re going to force the issue and create bad content just to attempt to compete on Faryn’s level. The pretenders will end up on IG Discover and I’ll scroll right past them. Dime a dozen out there. I’ve tried to tell these IG models to differentiate themselves from all the others with bolt-ons. Would it be too much to get one of them to put on some Chiefs gear? What a missed opportunity for IG models. It doesn’t matter if you take off the Chiefs half-shirt and let your dog take a shitt on it. This is the content biz and you’re in a race against the likes of Faryn and others out there who are taking your Fit Tea money. Get your heads on straight, ladies.



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