Edgerrin James Stripper Bowl Will Have Plenty Of Change To Make It Rain

Edgerrin James Super Bowl party details

Edgerrin James just might steal all the spotlight this week in Miami during the Super Bowl via his 2nd annual Stripper Bowl project that goes down MONDAY, Feb. 3. That’s right…the Stripper Bowl goes down the night AFTER the Super Bowl. Folks, that tells you everything I need to know about Miami. Edge went out and got — in his words — $1 million in singles to be ready for this week.

Edgerrin James, in case you didn’t know, owns a Miami strip club. Some of you morons don’t understand how strip clubs work. I’m not an expert, but have you ever heard of a cash advance at a strip club? Guys come in with black card AMEXs or whatever rich people use these days. Then they get a cash advance and Edgerrin James tells one of his workers to bring bags of singles to said customer.

Then said customer takes his singles and makes it rain on strippers. Customer throws his hands in the air, gets some content and parties his ass off. Edgerrin James is the business owner. Those aren’t his singles. Those are change. Some of you guys out there are failing at life for not realizing how this all works and jumping to the conclusion that Edge is dropping on those singles on strippers….LOLOLOLOL.

In other news, Peyton Manning has written a letter of endorsement for Edge to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Let’s keep it real here for a minute…Pey Pey knows any good HOF needs a club owner, someone who can throw the party for the old timers when they come down to Miami. This is a brilliant move by Manning. The HOFers are going to get tired of Ray Ray giving them rah rah speeches. They want a fun guy like Edge. They want a guy who can make change.


Here’s where they’re having the Stripper Bowl. This dome looks amazing.


Singles for Edgerrin James Stripper Bowl
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