Kareem Hunt Gets A Break From Browns Fan Cop

Kareem Hunt pulled over for speeding and had open vodka bottle and weed but the cop let him go / via TMZ

Alright, someone needs to take two hands and shake Kareem Hunt until he realizes he’s just about to get kicked out of the NFL probably forever at the pace he’s going. There was the whole kicking the woman thing, then losing his job with the Chiefs, followed by John Dorsey saving him, to his suspension before he could even get back on a field and now we have dashcam footage of Hunt telling a cop during this stop in Rocky River, Ohio that he couldn’t pass a drug test.

No, I don’t care about the weed, but Roger Goodell & his goons care about it, especially a guy like Hunt after one embarrassing video for the league. Maybe this big Browns fan cop who pulled over Hunt can knock some sense into him because he’s a free agent and the Browns have Nick Chubb sitting there on a 2nd round draft pick contract and perfectly capable of handling the rock.

From TMZ:

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