Tennessee Man Lights Joint While Talking To Judge About Weed Laws

Spencer Boston allegedly lit a joint in front of a judge / Wilson County Sheriff’s Office

Tennessee Man Spencer Boston, 20, reportedly said, “We the people deserve better!” as he smoked a joint in front of a judge at a hearing for a simple possession charge in Wilson County. Those in the courtroom say Boston took approximately six hits on the joint while discussing weed law with the judge. And then he was arrested for disorderly.

From WSMV:

Spencer Boston was called to discuss his case before General Sessions Judge Haywood Barry. Spencer was talking about how marijuana needed to be legalized. He reached into his pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a rolled marijuana cigarette. He placed it in his mouth, then pulled out a book of matches and lit it and began to smoke the rolled cigarette. The cigarette gave off the odor of burning marijuana.

The courtroom erupted into laughter at Spencer’s action, disrupting the normal daily activity in the court. Spencer was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct and simple possession of a Schedule VI drug.

I’m pretty surprised Wilson County wants to waste their time with Spencer since this is a county that has bigger issues like opioids. Did you know that Wilson County received 37 million prescription pain pills from 2006-2012? Spencer clearly just wanted to make a point that his harmless grass is a huge waste of time for the county. There will come a day when counties like Wilson, east of Nashville, give up on that useless battle.

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