Meet Brianna Gonva – Of Course She’ll Be In Miami For The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl hasn’t been in Miami since February 7, 2010 which means there’s an entire generation of Instagram models who have never experienced Super Bowl week in Miami. Instagram didn’t launch until October 2010. Think of all the 22 year old MySpace models way back in 2010 who are now in their early 30s, barely hanging on to the body and the ability to go out and party their asses off. Now comes the 2020 Super Bowl and a whole new generation of models hoping to be discovered next week & maybe party at Rick Ross’ Natty Light house on Super Bowl Sunday.

Monster Energy girl Brianna Gonva is scheduled to be in town and looking to take that 149k IG account up a notch as all the big celebs are in town just waiting to make an IG model’s life change over the course of one night of partying. I’m definitely curious how the IG models plan to differentiate themselves as models from around the world descend upon Miami Beach. It’s going to be a zoo. Lambos. Guys wearing sunglasses just surveying the market.  Glad I’m going to see what it all looks like.

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