Meet Kristina Prišč – Girlfriend of L.A. Clippers Center Ivica Zubac

It’s been pretty quiet on the NBA front this season with the girlfriends who also dabble as Instagram models, but it’s a new year and it’s time to crank up the blogs that will take us through the playoffs and that means we need to visit with Clippers center Ivica Zubac’s girlfriend Kristina Prišč, who could end up having a solid postseason since Ivica will have a minor presence with a title contender.

Zubac (avg 8.3 PPG/6.9 RPG) will get just enough time for Kristina to get a minor viral moment here and there if she chooses to fire up the Gram. Prisc, sitting on 10.2k IG followers, is Croatian as is Zubac and the two seem to have been together since he was drafted by the Lakers in 2016. According to a Miss Universe Croatia page, Prisc’s interests include “modeling, likes photography, likes to travel; professionally engaged in horseback riding (jumping).”

I have to assume there are plenty of places in Los Angeles proper to do horseback riding/jumping. Over the summer Zubac signed a 4-yr $28.51M contract with the Clippers so there’s plenty of money in the budget for the girlfriend to do some horseback riding while the team is on the road working towards that NBA title.

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