Delonte West Now Getting His Ass Kicked In The Street & Needs Legit Help

Delonte West was beaten in the street and seems to be suffering from severe mental illness / via Twitter

The Delonte West saga took a turn on Monday when video surfaced of the former NBA guard getting his ass beaten in the street and all belligerent in another video when talking to the police about the incident. It’s no secret that Delonte has been dealing with being bipolar since being diagnosed in 2008. The Washington Post spent time with him in 2015 when he was still hoping to restart his NBA career after a string of bad decisions. “I’ve never shared this like this,” he said, “but I used to try to kill myself all the time.”

In that interview, West explained how his youth was filled with taunts over his hair and his life has been one big spiral since around 8th grade. He’s now 36. At 25, he told Cleveland reporters, “The ugly head started to show itself again. It’s been haunting me my whole life, self-destructive behavior.”

He also told the Post, “I am bipolar — just like the rest of us in the world,” he said. “So bipolar is defined as something sad happens, you’re sad. Something happy happens, you’re happy. I think pretty much everyone in the world is like that. Now there’s different levels. How long do you stay sad? How does it affect your behavior? How do you handle these emotions?”

Fast-forward to 2020 and here we are. Delonte literally getting his ass kicked in the street and seemingly having a complete mental breakdown filled with incoherent words and lack of sense.

Delonte West is lucky to even be alive after all this on Monday. It’s super violent, you’ve been warned:

That brings me to four months ago when an Instagram user happened upon Delonte at a basketball court and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Delonte, wearing Converse, was dunking basketballs and breaking productive sweats. At this point it seems like the only thing that can save this guy are meds and basketball court. Time for NBA guys to rally and see if he’ll accept their help to get him off the streets before someone kills him.

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