Louisville Fans Ride On UK Bus to South Bend For Basketball Game

Louisville fans put on University of Kentucky bus / via Twitter

Louisville fans got a big surprise Friday morning when their bus showed up to take them to South Bend for today’s game against Notre Dame — it was a University of Kentucky bus. A rivalry is a rivalry and the bus has caused all sorts of drama for the Louisville fans and people on Facebook who have turned this into a war of words typically reserved for political posts.

From WDRB:

About 50 U of L fans left for South Bend, Indiana, Friday morning to support the Cards in Saturday’s game against Notre Dame. The group reportedly booked the bus with Shockey Tours — before it was bought by Jefferson Transportation. Managers said they had no idea they were picking up U of L fans until the driver arrived, and there were no other buses available for the trip.

I’ll say this, it’s weird they didn’t have any other buses available. It’s January, not exactly a big charter trip time of year.

Something tells me a Kentucky fan manager at the bus company knew exactly what he was doing and it’s brilliant. I’m telling you right now I personally know hundreds of people that would be furious if a University of Michigan themed bus picked them up for a roadie to anywhere.

Whatever you do, don’t go reading the comments on the post below. It’ll suck the life out of you.

Louisville fans should’ve gone through Jefferson Transportation’s Facebook photos and told them not to send the UK bus:

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