Meet Clara Felicia Lindblom – Bang Energy Model

Clara Felicia Lindblom from Stockholm, Sweden has one of the more interesting Instagram accounts out there for an IG model sitting on 2 million followers. It’s interesting in that nearly every photo seems to be the same and we learn next to nothing about her via the account. I even watched most of her IG Stories and still didn’t really learn anything about Clara except that it seems like she has a boyfriend and she puts in extra work during glutes day at the gym.

Even with all the fascinating robotic effects from the IG account, I find myself wondering if I’ll ever hear Clara speak, maybe throw out a Super Bowl prediction. Something. It’s possible this is a typical IG account style from ladies in Sweden these days. I have no idea.

Being the investigator that I am, I went over to Twitter to see if I could find any nuggets from Clara’s personality. I found this:

So I’ll hit the follow button and analyze Clara’s account over the next couple months. Who knows, she might miraculously start dating some European soccer player or end up in the Daily Mail.

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