Was Jose Altuve Wearing A Buzzer Under His Jersey During Game 6 Of The ALCS?

Did Jose Altuve have wires under his jersey during Game 6 of the ALCS? / via Twitter

Did Jose Altuve have wires under his jersey concealing some sort of cheating device during Game 6 of the 2019 ALCS? The MLB Internet investigators are concentrating on this video today where Altuve motions to his teammates not to tear off his jersey on his way home after hitting the game-winning home run off Aroldis Chapman. The thing is, the conspiracy theorists have been pretty spot-on during this whole Astros cheating scandal. It’s not far fetched to believe the theory that Altuve was wearing a buzzer.

Let’s go to the video and hear Ken Rosenthal ask Altuve about motioning to his jersey.

Altuve’s response is that he’s “shy” and that the “last time, I got in trouble with my wife”. OK.

There’s also video floating around of Altuve getting off the field as fast as possible while his teammates celebrate. We now know at the bottom of those steps is where the Astros had been running their trash can banging system.

This is allegedly the device, according to the truthers:

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