Busch Snow Days Promotion Promises Up To $30 Off Your Beer Prices (In Select Cities)

Busch Snow Day promo promises $1 off beer per inch of snow up to a $30 rebate / via Busch

Busch has announced its Snow Day promotion that will give Busch drinkers $1 off beer per inch of snow in select states in the upper midwest with a maximum $30 in rebates from the company. It’s pretty simple: you buy Busch, keep the receipts, wait for it to snow this winter and then figure out how much money (up to $30!) Busch is going to give you as a rebate.

I’m pretty disappointed in Busch for not putting Ohio in this promo since Busch is huge around these parts, but the good news is that I’m close to the Michigan border so I can buy beer there, keep the receipts and I’m pretty sure my measuring station — Grand Rapids — will hit the 30-inch mark. GR averages 64 inches of snow a year so I’m fairly sure I’m getting the full $30 back.

From Busch’s marketing division:

Between January 1 – March 21, Busch will track snowfall in seven chilly cities across America. With every inch of snow that falls until the first day of spring, everyone 21+ in those states is eligible to receive $1 off select Busch products. Cities with tracked snowfall include Des Moines, IA; Grand Rapids, MI; Minneapolis, MN; Fargo, ND; Omaha, NE; Buffalo, NY; Green Bay, WI.

“We know some of our biggest fans are going to experience a lot of snow this winter, which can make things a little rough,” says Daniel Blake, Senior Director of Marketing at Anheuser-Busch. “There’s not much worse than a snowstorm hitting and your stock of Busch being low, so this is a fun way to make our fans’ lives a little easier this season in those snowy cities.”

Busch Snow Day will measure total accumulated snowfall, with each inch of snow that falls, so will the price of Busch, even if it melts the next day. Therefore, three five-inch snow showers in Omaha in February would equal $15 off Busch.

Busch has set up custom interactive billboards paired to NOAA snowfall counts in each city. Fans can also head to Busch.com/snowday to find out what they are eligible to earn back. To earn the rebate, fans just need to upload their receipt and zip code through a link at Busch.com/snowday. Rebates will be sent via email after March 21. Limit one submission per person.

Again, keep in mind that this is only for certain states. You losers in Florida aren’t getting it so don’t try. Those of us who have to suffer through dark, dreary, get-me-out-of-here winters finally get to cash in.

Busch snowdays promo for Grand Rapids / via Busch
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