Vegas Law Firm Says It’s Exploring Possible ‘Legal Action’ Against Vegas Dave

5Dimes takes a shot at Vegas Dave

A Vegas law firm says it’s exploring possible ‘legal action’ against Vegas Dave / via IG

Things appear to be heating up at a rapid pace in the battle between the Internet/lawyers and gambling tout Vegas Dave. 5Dimes took a shot at Dave Sunday night during the Seahawks-Packers game and now a Vegas law firm, The 702 Firm, says it’s in the “exploratory stages of possibly pursuing legal action against Dave Oancea.” According to the 702 Firm’s website, they’re injury lawyers who have “obtained millions of dollars in financial compensation for clients.”

The 702 Firm had not tweeted since August 2018 until they dropped this:

On 702 Firm’s site they explain a little further what they’re up to:

It has come to our attention that Dave Oancea aka Vegas Dave has been posting possibly falsified images with the intent of misleading potential customers into paying for his services. If you have paid for the sports betting services of Mr. Oancea and have lost money as a result please let us know. If you are a victim of this potential fraudulent activity please CALL US now. We are in the exploratory stages of possibly pursuing legal action against Mr. Oancea. Please let us know the dates in which you paid for the “Vegas Dave” packages including any single day “Whale Plays”. Please also include a rough estimate of total amount paid to Mr. Oancea plus amount lost as a result of the picks. We also need your place of residence. At The702Firm we take these actions very seriously and are here to ensure that the victim of any action is protected.

Things have heated up so much that Vegas Dave’s haters have even gone as far as claiming Dave has a way to manipulate the HTML code on 5Dimes to edit bets to show that he won huge. Again, this is what the haters CLAIM.

Vegas Dave is well known to post 5Dimes winners. Meanwhile, 5 Dimes says they can’t confirm “ANY” winning wagers attributed to Vegas Dave.

5Dimes Vs. Vegas Dave…Shots Fired
5Dimes Vs. Vegas Dave…Shots Fired
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