5Dimes Vs. Vegas Dave…Shots Fired

5Dimes takes a shot at Vegas Dave / via IG

Gambling tout bad boy Vegas Dave is taking heat from 5Dimes sportsbook, who said in a tweet Sunday night, “we have been unable to confirm ANY wagers brought to our attention which are attributed to ‘Vegas Dave’.” Dave’s haters have been hammering him over his whale plays and his practice of making big moneyline favorites as his “whale” plays.

Someone has even been buying his plays and posting them to add fuel to this developing firestorm that is picking up steam by the day as people keep seeing Dave claim he’s full of winners and never seems to lose. One screenshot shows Dave’s whale play Saturday night being the Ravens -550 on the moneyline (loss). Then Sunday, the whale play was Michigan State on the moneyline. Back-to-back big losers. The Spartans lost by 29.

Add it all up and you have the makings of a huge shittstorm between the gambling community and Dave, but it’s not slowing VD down. He’s been on Instagram today’s drumming up business for the national championship game.


Vegas Dave Sunday night saying his players cashed on all four NFL playoff games this weekend:

Here’s Vegas Dave showing off what appears to be people who pay him for his picks:





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