Texas Basketball Coach Lacey Jo Cunningham Arrested For Inappropriate Conduct With Student

Lacey Jo Cunningham mugshot : Montgomery County Jail

Texas high school basketball coach and teacher Lacey Jo Cunningham was arrested for an inappropriate relationship with an 18-year-old student, but Lacey Jo says there was never any sexual content event though the two slept in the same bed a few times.

Lacey Jo even goes as far as telling authorities she was never attracted to the victim. Sounds like this one will have to be sorted out by a jury.

From the Houston Chronicle:

According to court documents, Cunningham and the female student began texting in August. The relationship started with Cunningham asking to meet the student outside of school for coffee, taking her to church and then having the student stay overnight at her apartment. Cunningham and the student, documents state, had more than 20 sexual encounters.

“(The victim) describes (Cunningham) as very manipulative, which has prevented her from coming forward sooner,” the arrest affidavit states.

Cunningham said she and the victim did sleep in the same bed but there was “never any physical sexual contact.”

This is one of those rare instances that I can remember where the coach says she definitely slept in the same bed as the victim, but nothing happened. It was just sleep and that’s as far as it went. Very rare. Did I mention that Lacey Jo teaches anatomy?

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