Bryson DeChambeau Might Skip Abu Dhabi Due To World War 3

Bryson DeChambeau says he might skip the Abu Dhabi tournament due to World War 3 / via Twitch

The Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship is next week and it sounds like Bryson DeChambeau may not go because of World War 3. The Abu Dhabi Golf Club is a very short ride across the Persian Gulf to Iran and just might be a little too close to comfort for Golf Bro DeChambeau. The $6,906,869 prize pool is sitting there for guys who’re willing to risk it all and the chance that Iran would try to take out a bunch of golfers with short-range missiles.

From Golf Channel:

Shortly before news of Iran’s retaliation surfaced, DeChambeau was on a Twitch stream playing Fortnite when he shed light on his updated status.

“I seriously may not be going to Abu Dhabi,” DeChambeau said. “All this talk, no American is able to go over to that area. Insane, brother. Protecting the country, though, I love it. Gotta love it.”

DeChambeau later added, “When will I know for sure about Abu Dhabi? Well, looks like (Tuesday) I’ll find out.”

At one point during the Fortnite video he looks at his phone and reads about commercial flights being diverted around the Middle East. DeChambeau just might stay home and play Fortnite in the safety of his home and not risk being one of the first casualties of World War 3.

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