NSFWBDs React To John Beilein’s Slugs or Thugs Comment

John Beilein just couldn’t stand to sit still at the University of Michigan, go to the NCAA tournament every year and ride off into the sunset as a beloved coach who didn’t have to deal with drama and could have a very nice life. He just had to get a taste of the NBA and the dysfunction of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I’ve lost track of all the drama that’s gone on — the latest is Kevin Love acting like a huge baby on the court and pretty much trying to get the Cavs to trade him out of town — but it’s been heavy on drama and light on victories — 10.

And it all leads to what Wojo says was Beilein saying during a film session that the players were no longer playing “like a bunch of thugs.” Beilein says he meant “slugs.” And here we are with yet another moment for the city that creates content unlike other cities out there.

I didn’t want to get too judgemental here so I went out to see what the NSFWBDs think of this drama and how it all plays out for them. Have to say, the BDs didn’t go nuts like I thought they would. Seems like they know what John meant and they’re moving on.

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