NBA’s Christmas Ratings Down Big Vs. 2018

LeBron enjoying quiet time / via @bustedcoverage

Believe it or not, I actually watched the final 6-7 minutes of the Clippers-Lakers game because Vegas Dave & Holly Sonders were courtside and I wanted to see if anything crazy happened like Bron running over Dave’s Birkin bag. Over that final five minutes Bron just kept passing the ball around the three-point line, wouldn’t take an easy basket and the Lakers gave up a lead, missed something like a dozen threes and lost 111-106. It was brutal. Add in the fact that Patrick Beverley knocked a ball out of Bron’s hand in a critical spot, giving the ball to the Clippers and you have a worst-case scenario for the League.

It wasn’t one of those finishes that turns the NBA on Christmas into one of those can’t miss sports moments on a day where ESPN doesn’t give you viewing options. You would think, based on the lack of options, the game would’ve been a ratings bonanza for the WWL. Eh, bad news…last night’s marquee NBA game was down 14% vs. Bron’s 2018 Christmas Day game against the Golden State Warriors.

Here I’ve been the guy saying for the last decade or so that there’s no need to watch the regular season games and I would get absolutely drilled for saying the NBA was worthless before the conference finals. I’ve been told there’s all this drama I can’t miss or I won’t know what’s going on in May. I’ve been told by NBA nerds that regular season NBA is the best reality show on TV. I’ve been told that it’s the best drama you can find on TV.

Well, it sure looks like people don’t want to watch the best drama on TV because the NBA is getting drilled in the ratings game.

The current deal signed by ESPN and TNT is a 9-year, $24 billion contract that runs through the 2024-25 season.

Here’s how the NBA is trying to get out front of this runaway train that’s going to have ESPN fully triggered from a financial standpoint:

And here’s the defensive stop that ended the Clippers-Lakers game:

This is what people got after that Lakers game:

Glad to see I’m not the only viewer that feels this way:

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