Minor League Hockey Team Will Let You Pay $1,500 To Sing National Anthem


The South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL Double-A hockey team is running a ticket deal this season that’s almost too good to be true. Have you been looking to sing the national anthem at a sporting event, but you don’t want to go through the American Idol-like tryout process and deal with layers of government-like red tape? The Stingrays have a plan where you can avoid the red tape and step right up to sing your patriotic heart out.

You can pay the Stingrays $1,500 — that will get you 100 game tickets — and that will get you access to the microphone. Maybe you’re not a singer, but you still want to be patriotic before a game. There’s a color guard package where you can present the nation’s colors for just $360! That’s right, it sounds like the local VFWs or American Legions around town that aren’t called to present the colors can step up and pay to do the duties. What a deal!

From the South Carolina Stingrays:

National Anthem
Package Cost: ($1,500) 100 balcony level tickets for $15 each
Seating Location: Balcony
Sing our National Anthem at a Stingrays game! We have opportunities for groups of all sizes to showcase their talents in front of thousands of people and be part of the pre-game excitement!

Color Guard
Package Cost: ($360) 20 end level tickets for $18 each
Seating Location: End
Present our nation’s colors during the national anthem before one of our games.

It’s not just minor league hockey selling the anthem. The Sacramento Kings also will let you pay them to sing your patriotic hearts out, but they don’t list a price. In 2019, the Toledo Mud Hens offered a unique experience package where you could pay $20 to have your kid unfurl a massive American flag on the field. Maybe you’re looking for something in the world of basketball and not all patriotic. A WNBA team in Seattle will let you cut down the nets after each game. Your group will have to buy 50 tickets to have the honor.

God bless the USA!


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