Golf Channel Hot Mic Picks Up A ‘Pampered F*cks’ [UPDATE]

A Golf Channel hot mic picked up someone saying ‘pampered f-cks’ during the Sentry Tournament of Champions / via Twitter

Was that Mark Rolfing dropping a “pampered f*cks” line on a hot mic while Patrick Cantlay was teeing off at the Sentry Tournament of Champions on the Golf Channel? I’m no golf voice expert, but I’ve heard Mark Rolfing whisper enough over the years to know this sure sounds like Rolfing saying “these pampered f*cks need to play.”

UPDATE: I didn’t expect the Golf Channel public relations team to send an official email on this, but here we are.

Hi Joe, happy new year –

Saw your hot mic post regarding our Sentry Tournament of Champions coverage and your assumption that was Mark Rolfing’s voice. That entire conversation is from Patrick Cantlay on the tee box, not Mark Rolfing, which got picked up by our tee box microphones.

Wanted you to be aware regarding your post, as it is inaccurate in assuming that was Mark Rolfing.



I’ve probably said it at least several dozen times over the years: Need more hot mics. Hot mic everyone on the course. Thing is, you have to sign a waiver that you won’t try to end the guy’s career for saying something that triggers you. Remember, you signed the waiver that you wouldn’t be offended. I want Tiger motherfuccing everything. I want Mark Rolfing dropping f-bombs during his on-course reports. Give it all to me. I’ll download the app and pay the $5 a month.

BTW, don’t forget that this is Patrick Cantlay. Need more fun golfers out there. I know there are some, but the Thomas, Fowler and Spieth are now married & trying to bang out kids so they’re no longer going nuts in the Bahamas.

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