Michigan Men Arrested

Michigan men arrested after throwing beer cans out of horse drawn buggy / via Gladwin County Sheriff’s Office

You guys know I’m not one to convict before a man has his day in court and this post is no different. The Michigan Men arrested for throwing beer cans out of their horse-drawn buggy and being intoxicated are innocent until proven guilty and I’m interested to see if the cops even show up to court to testify against Levei, Andrew, Joseph & Joseph.

And what’s up with the narc reporting these guys at 4 p.m. on a Sunday? Sounds like an inside job to me. Someone making up things to get kids in trouble. Let them live!

From Fox News:

The Gladwin County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post that it received a complaint from a motorist around 4 p.m. Sunday that four men were riding on a buggy through Beaverton Township and they seemed to be intoxicated.

The four men were tossing beer cans from the horse and buggy, the driver said.

According to the sheriff’s office, when deputies found the buggy, the four were identified by the motorist. Initially, they gave deputies false information about their ages and refused to give their names.

However, after further investigation, the four were identified as Levei Mast, 20; Andrew Zook, 19; Joseph Miller, 20; and Joseph Troyer, 19, all from Gladwin County.

Inside the buggy, deputies found several open and unopened containers of alcohol. Police determined the four were under the influence of alcohol.

Release the body cam footage. You scared? And the sheriff’s office deleted their Facebook post on this story. Something is definitely fishy here.

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