Florida Man Arrested For Revving His Mower, Disturbing The Peace At All Hours Of The Night

Florida Man is in trouble for revving his lawn mower & keeping people up at night / via

Florida Man Robert Wayne Miller looks like the kind of guy who really loves his lawn mower and the power it produces. He loves it so much (allegedly) that he likes to make it hum at all hours of the night, according to his neighbors who finally hit their breaking point and called the cops and asked that they do something to make it stop.

If you think this was Rob’s first run-in with the fuzz, you’d be mistaken. Earlier this year, he was arrested for making a homemade gun that was fired off during an incident and landed him in jail. I have to assume that wasn’t his first run-in with the law. That’s not normal for a Florida Man.

From 10NEWS:

Robert Wayne Miller, 57, is accused of revving his lawnmower so loud, it could be heard three houses down. Deputies said when they told Miller to stop revving the mower and that he could be violating a state statute, he told them he didn’t care.

One of Miller’s neighbor’s told deputies his peace was being disturbed, and Miller woke up his kids and sick wife with all the noise he was making with the mower, according to an arrest affidavit.

Another neighbor said he could not sleep at night with all of the noise Miller was making with the mower.

A third neighbor told deputies she was sick and wanted Miller to stop because he was keeping her awake.

I watched the body cam footage of cops trying to get Mr. Miller to come out and sign papers over the disturbing the peace charge and that’s when you hear Bobby revving the engine on his tractor. It’s Pure Florida if you want to check it out.

Body cam footage that catches Florida Man revving his mower engine / via WFLA / Pasco County Sheriff
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