Freddie Kitchens Leaves Browns Headquarters For The Last Time, Takes Helmet With Him

Freddie Kitchens takes a Browns helmet with him as he leaves the Browns headquarters after being fired / via Fox8 Cleveland

Fox 8 Cleveland was there with a camera as Freddie Kitchens packed up and left Browns headquarters in Berea, Ohio for the last time as the fired first-year head coach of the Cleveland Browns and joins a long list of coaches who’ve flamed out. Freddie joins Rob Chudzinski as the second Browns head coach to be fired — this decade — after a one-year trial run. Poor Freddie.

I went through the comments on the Fox 8 Facebook video and the majority of people are now saying “poor Freddie, he was a good guy, he didn’t deserve this walk of shame” treatment.

This headline ran in the Akron Beacon Journal on January 12, 2019. Last night Freddie walked out of the complex for the final time. Life comes at you fast especially when Browns fans put so much pressure on the head coach. People can bash Fox 8 all they want, but this is the walk coaches make when fans start chirping about the Super Bowl after letting the rookie quarterback choose his head coach and he chooses a guy who was way over his head from day one.

Cleveland people should actually look at this video and see what they do to head coaches and players with the ridiculous pressure. This is the result.

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