Meet Lauren Blake – Biochemistry Graduate

I feel like I’ve posted Instagram model & biochemistry graduate Lauren Blake at some point based on her degree, but I can’t seem to find anything doing a Google search so I guess this is Lauren’s maiden voyage here on the site. Why does now make sense? Because Lauren worked hard on her Christmas card photo and because it’s now winter and your girlfriend/wife is looking for motivation as she heads into 2020 on her Peloton or treadmill that you got her for Christmas.

Lauren is the perfect #2020goalsgains inspiration for your wife. She’s obviously really smart since she graduated with a biochemistry degree and she has worked her way into IG shape that has turned into 451k followers. She’s also Miss Swimsuit L.A. 2018. Add it all up and your wife/girlfriend should be doing exactly what Lauren is doing. Eat right, do fitness right, travel right, Instagram right.

From MediaSearch:

Q.  What’s the funniest pick up line you’ve encountered?

A.  I’ve encountered plenty of funny ones. But I think the science ones. I studied biochemistry in college so it’s hilarious when someone makes a nerd joke I understand. Like, are you full of Beryllium, Gold and Titanium? Because you are Be-Au-Ti-Ful. Or something silly like that!

By the way, I keep thinking of what would happen if Lauren showed up on Put In Bay at say the Mist pool. Pretty sure you’d have packs of angry women bad-mouthing Lauren because she’s in shape and hasn’t been pounding Bud heavies like it’s her job. Ladies, stop being angry. Study up on Lauren’s game and learn to live it.

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