Paulina Gretzky Celebrates 31st Birthday

Well look who checked in today on Instagram — Paulina Gretzky! It’s her 31st birthday. I’d started to forget about her now that she’s posting like once a quarter and then out of nowhere she reminds us that she’s a year older and still has the fastball even if she rarely unleashes it these days. She just goes about her business being mom, getting out on the Tour here and there and doing the unthinkable — laying low. She did have a pretty great Halloween with Jena Sims, but then there was silence in November.

I have to admit, this time last year I thought Paulina was going to turn 30 and go nuts proving that she was still in an elite athlete daughter category. And then she went out and posted an average of one pic a month. Ladies, that’s what happens when you don’t need Fit Tea influencer gigs to pay the bills. I recommend finding a new father, a new baby daddy and get your life in order to where you don’t have to keep the five-gallon content bucket filled up at all times.

That said, keep an eye on Paulina’s IG this weekend. Looks like her and friends are celebrating her 31st in St. Barts. The IG Story might be lit up while you watch college football.

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