Ric Flair Learns To Ice Skate, Goes Skiing

Ric Flair learns to ice skate / via Instagram

Ric Flair learning to ice skate is my new drug in life. Give me 20 Ric Flair ice skating videos and it’s better than 100 Eagles fan fight videos. There’s something refreshing about watching a 70-year-old, 16-time world champion, trying something new in life while on a holiday vacation to Vail, Colorado. Ric knew he’d be falling down and possibly risking an injury to an already ravaged body, but there he was giving it his all while the camera was rolling.

I received a new computer monitor, some socks, a book, a new mouse pad, some screwdrivers and other things for Christmas, but at the end of the day this right here is the best gift of 2019. The guy is the gift that keeps on giving.

Did I mention that Ric went skiing at Vail, too? This guy was in the hospital back in May. What a warrior. I would’ve been back at the hotel in the jacuzzi, not on the slopes.






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