Buccaneers Fans Get In The Holiday Spirit With A Fight During Texans Game

Buccaneers fan fight video /via Twitter

Florida Man Buccaneers fans celebrated the holidays with a minor fight in the 100 seats at Raymond James Stadium during a rare Saturday game for the franchise. In this battle, we have Biggun vs. what appears to be at least 3-4 Bucs fans including a woman who is right in the middle of it all with Biggun.

It appears Debbie & Biggun don’t see eye to eye on a key subject — possibly whether the Bucs should be bringing Jameis back for another season after leading the league in yards and interceptions — and then white shirt jumps into the fray and sends Biggun into bouncer must clear the room mode.

I can’t remember the last time we saw a Buccaneers fan fight, but I think it was an Eagles-Bucs game and there were brawls in the upper deck. This year it has been quiet at Raymond James Stadium. The place is an afterthought these days.


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